Covering all Bases in a Pub

Commercial establishments like a pub are fun places to have a good time at the end of the day. Almost every population centre in England will have its own pubs or taverns for people to socialise in and wind down with a drink. Even then, in such places, there’s always the danger of untoward incidents like fire occurring as a result of too much ale. This calls for a fire safety risk assessment job to better prepare your establishment, especially since the pub industry is a high-risk place for business operators.

The Kindling

A pub has a number of potential sources where a fire can start. They include the kitchen stove, bottles of spirits, or even leftover stores of cooking oil. A fire risk assessor may even ask you where you store any waste paper. The electrical wiring also warrants a full evaluation and repair, especially if the electrical system hasn’t been checked in a long time.

Safety First!

For bars and the like, a fire risk assessment programme will account for all safety mechanisms in place. Be prepared to invest in fire-detection and suppression gear like alarms and extinguishers. The emergency exits must also be clear of obstructions.

A pub is a good business if you thought of every possible contingency as you were setting it up. Still, when you get customers coming in to order food and drink, you bear the weight of looking after them from the time they enter until the moment they pay their bills and leave.


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