Fire Safety Risk Assessment in Educational Establishments

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 is the legislation that aims to provide fire safety in business establishments in England and Wales. A Responsible Person (RP) is appointed to be in charge of the duties included in the order. In businesses, the employer would be the designated RP and needs to ensure that his employees are given the required precautions and fire assessment needed.

This order however is not limited to workplaces, as it also applies to various public premises like factories, hotels, nursing homes, and schools. Although this order only applies to mentioned countries, it can be used as a reference for determining fire safety precautions needed in different establishments.

A fire safety risk assessment is an approach that determines the safety procedures, prevention measures, and precautions needed when a fire should occur. It also includes identifying the hazards that could cause or start a fire and diminishing the risk of these hazards.

In educational establishments, it’s either the head teacher or the authority who would be the RP. He should take into consideration all the students, faculty members, parents, and other employees who enter the premises.

Having alternative exits as means of escape should be the top priority in having precautions. Having fire drills is required to ensure that everyone knows where to exit and where to evacuate to if a fire should occur. Instructions such as signs or markers should be displayed on corridors and fire exits should be kept open to be able to escape.


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