Not Going Up In Flames: Some Fire Safety Tips

The best time to stop fires is before they happen. This is why it’s important for your workplace to have the proper fire safety precautions. Since there are several ways for a fire to start, it’s best to follow legal requirements and have your workplace assessed for fire safety. Here’s a few tips to ensure your office passes these requirements:

  • First, reduce the clutter in your office. Loose pieces of paper, trash, and other easily flammable objects should be collected and disposed of correctly. Leaving them around just increases the chances of a fire starting.
  • Second, ensure there are no electrical hazards in your workplace. Faulty wiring can easily spark a fire, especially if it’s in an isolated place of your office building. Have an electrician ensure your wiring and appliances are working right and are safe.
  • Third, have designated smoking areas. Still warm cigarette butts can easily start a fire if they make contact with easily-flammable material. Smoking areas outside the building ensures that such fires won’t happen.
  • Finally, have a sprinkler system installed, as well as a set of fire extinguishers ready. Have your employees be aware of how to use them, too. If a fire does start, you’ll want to have it contained immediately.

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