The Three Ps of Fire Safety for Children

Fires are among the most common accidents that can happen to a structure. If you have children in your apartment, it can be more dangerous. To keep your children safe from a fire, you have to know the three P’s of fire safety.


Reduce the possibility of a fire in your unit by removing fire hazards. Keep heat sources away from your children. Items like matches, lighters, and other small objects that can cause fires should be kept in high places to avoid a child from getting them. Installing a smoke alarm can also help detect fires caused by wiring malfunctions.


Follow the established evacuation plan of the building in case of a fire. Assign a meeting place where your family should stay when the fire goes out of hand. Teach your children the “stop, drop, and roll” technique, and teach your toddler to always stay low if the child isn’t old enough to perform the emergency procedure.


Have fire safety experts inspect your building to ensure your apartment will be free from any chance of being engulfed in a blaze. They can provide additional tips to educate you and your family about fire safety. Make sure to get the approval of your landlord to have a fire risk assessment performed on your building.


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