Common Causes of Office Fires

Accidents involving fire can be devastating, as flames can easily engulf years of hard work and investments and turn them into piles of useless ash. Fires can especially hurt businesses, which could go into a financial crisis after such a situation.

Fortunately, fires can be avoided if certain steps are taken. For one, a yearly fire risk assessment is a good step toward preventing such fires from occurring, but it is also important for businesses to identify the hazards and actions that cause fires in the first place.

Human Error

People don’t like to admit it, but human errors are some of the most common causes of house and office fires. Forgetting about food being heated up in the pantry, lighting candles, or smoking inside the premises of the office can become catalysts for a raging fire.

Office Equipment

There will be times when the office appliances are the ones to blame. Frayed wires and overloaded electrical outlets are hidden dangers waiting to spark up and explode. Patching up any open wires and making sure that all equipment are unplugged at the end of the day can definitely lessen the risk of a fire.


An establishment or office can be at risk for arson depending on the nature of the business. Intentional fires can be prevented by investing in a reliable security system, specifically perimeter security cameras and high-tech fire alarms.


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